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  • Paul Neighbour in BUN 27; from context and style of charter, vaguely possible that 'sancti (Pauli)' may have been omitted, so 'Paul' may not be a person but a church
  • Paul Abbot of San Vincenzo al Volturno
  • Paul Witness in CDL 5:58
  • Paul Son of Pando from Rieti, Litigant in CDL 4a:35
  • Paul Deceased father of Liuspert 6112 in CDL 5:64
  • Paul Hoder in CDL 5:90
  • Paul Donor in FAR 2:152
  • Paul Holder in FAR 2:158
  • Paul Cleric and vicedominus, witness in CHLA 55:2
  • Paul Holder in FAR 2:153
  • Paul Dead son of Liuderisius* and Third-Party Spiritual Beneficiary in FAR 2:176
  • Paul Vicedominus in Verona, Litigant (representing "causam Sancti Zenonis" of Verona) in CHLA 60:17
  • Paul Holder in CDL 5:103



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