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  • Radwald Priest, scribe in BER 4. Possibly (even if withouot paleograhical evidence) the same acting as witness in BER 8
  • Radwald "de Curte", father of Radonus acting as witness in BER 193
  • Radwald Priest and witness in numerous FRE charters
  • Radwald Witness in FRE 45; check for possible ID with namesake in FRE 43
  • Radwald Second witness of that name in FRE 50, but in contrast to the first witness no priest
  • Radwald Gastald of Reggio Emilia. See CDL 3:44
  • Radwald One of the nine unfaithful men to king Desiderius whose properties were confiscated and donated to San Salvatore monastery of Brescia. See CDL 3:44
  • Radwald "de Platiano", dead father of Radbert, Bonipert, Rodulph, Davigert. See CHLa 59:3
  • Radwald Witness in FRE 60; check for possible ID with namesake in FRE 43, 45.
  • Radwald Witness in FRE 61; check for ID with namesake in FRE 43, 45, 50, 60.
  • Radwald Witness in FRE 63. Check for ID with namesake in FRE 61 et al.
  • Radwald Witness in FRE 72. Second witness by that name; not to be confused with priest Radwald 5831.
  • Radwald Witness in FRE 78a, 78b
  • Radwald Witness in FRE 80
  • Radwald Litigant and recipient in FRE 86, likely ID with Radwald 7470
  • Radwald Consenter in FRE 91
  • Radwald Witness in PAS 41
  • Radwald Witness in PAS 59
  • Radwald Witness in PAS 60
  • Radwald Witness in PAS 62



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