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  • Abbadia San Salvatore, S Salvator in Monte Amiata None
  • Abbaye de Forest-Montiers Cell founded by St Riquier.
  • Abbo Lombard royal forester ("vualdeman" in "gagio Regense"), perambulator in CDL 3:41
  • Abbo Founder of Novalesa
  • Adalard Abbot of Corbie, "missus" of Charlemagne in CHLa 88:29
  • Adalfrid Priest, granter and benefice recipient in FRE 80
  • Adalgard Witness in SFL 1; according to editor unlikely to be used as a female name in this instance (against the position of the editor of FRE); according to editor of SFL 1 to be identified with namesake in FRE 88, 152, 701, 721 and in SFL 3, 4, 8, 18
  • Adalhelm Granter and confirmer in FRE 108
  • Adalnia* Mother of grantor in FRE 52
  • Adalram Ordeal participant in DKAR 1:102
  • Adalsind Founder of Saint-Mihiel
  • Adalung Granter in FRE 94
  • Adelchis Lombard king, son of Desiderius and Ansa. Brother of Anselperg, abbess of S Salvatore in Brescia
  • Adelzhausen church Unknown dedication; donated to Freising in FRE 108.
  • Aganbert Recipient of mandate in MRH 42b
  • Ageris Litigant in FAR 2:165
  • Agibert Archdeacon of Bergamo's cathedral church. Perambulator and witness in BER 7
  • Agio Priest, oath-swearer in CDL 4a:35
  • Agiprand Recipient in CHLA 61:6
  • Aio Landholder and fidelis of Charlemagne in DKAR 1:187



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