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  • Aganbert Recipient of mandate in MRH 42b
  • Ansbert Landholder and monk in DKAR 1:235
  • Benedict Abbot of S Ambrose in Milan, grantor in MDM 28
  • Berengar Nepos of grantor in WER 8
  • Bertgoz Provost and then abbot of Schliersee (upon refoundation as monastery); elections to each position attested in FRE 94.
  • Cello Father of grantor in FRE 39
  • David Abbot of Charroux
  • Ebreo Abbot of Mettlach
  • Hartham Abbot of Mettlach
  • Hildebrand Duke of Spoleto
  • Hilderic I Reatine Gastald from 766 and 768-771 (in dating clauses from CDL 5:54 onwards). Donor in CDL 5:60, CDL 5:100 and in DKAR 1:171
  • Liufrid* Guardian, i.e. appointed to assist an unmarried woman "in capillo" in CHLA 26:809
  • Radbert Abbot of Mettlach.
  • Raginbert Founder of the monastery of Scharnitz-Schlehdorf at Scharnitz
  • Waltifusus* Grantor in CHLA 24:763



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