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  • Adoni* Nominative form in the text (while the autograph subscription has "Adoin"). Royal agent ("scario") acting as oath-swearer in CDL 5:103
  • Agio Priest, oath-swearer in CDL 4a:35
  • Albert Oath-swearer in CDL 5:103
  • Albu* Oath-swearer in CDL 5:90
  • Allo Vicedomins of Rieti's episcopal church, litigant in CDL 4a:28 and in CDL 4a:29
  • Allo Witness in CDL 5:103
  • Altrate* Oath-helper in PAS 13
  • Amin* Oath-helper in PAS 13
  • Anonymous (scabini in Moselgau) Involved in dispute in DKAR 1:148
  • Anonymous (witnesses from Moselgau) Involved in dispute in DKAR 1:148
  • Anscausus Gastald of Valva, Judicial authority in CDL 4a:28, CDL 4a:29 and CDL 5:90
  • Anspert Oath-swearer in CDL 5:103
  • Audilasci* Oath-swearer in CHLA 26:812
  • Audoald Oath-swearer in CDL 5:103
  • Auduald Priest of Rieti, oath-swearer in CDL 4a:29
  • Aurulus* Oath-swearer in CHLA 26:812
  • Baroncellus Oath-swearer in CDL 5:103
  • Barosus Oath-swearer and Witness of charter in CDL 5:103
  • Constantine Witness in FAR 2:184
  • Dagarinus Gastald <of Rieti>, dictator in CDL 4a:26 (and others). Judicial authority in CDL 4a:29. Scribe in CDL 4a:30. Oath-swearer in CDL 4a:35. Variants: Dagarius; Dagari



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  • Female person
  • Person of unknown sex
  • Group of male people
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  • Group of mixed people
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