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  • Ageris Litigant in FAR 2:165
  • Agio Priest, oath-swearer in CDL 4a:35
  • Anonymous (Saxon rebels) Mentioned in DKAR 1:213
  • Anonymous (sons of Brunico 5618) Killers of son of grantor in WER 27
  • Brunico Killer of son of grantor in WER 27
  • Pando Landowner in DKAR 1:111. Litigant in CDL 4a:35
  • Pippin the Hunchback Son of Charlemagne.
  • Rabano Landholder in DKAR 1:160 and in CDL 4a:38
  • Ursus Mentioned in CDL 4a:35 as oath-swearer. Costambeys argues he can be identified with a son of Pando (Agent id. 4192) and with the father (deceased before August 802) of Picco and Probatus acting as granters in FAR 2:157



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