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  • Adalwin Bishop of Regensburg (791-816)
  • Adoald Recipient (acting) in CHLA 23:745
  • Angalramn Bishop of Metz
  • Anonymous (advocate of bp Waltric of Passau) Mentioned in PAS 54
  • Anonymous (agents of St Denis) None
  • Anonymous (agents of St Peter's Trier) Involved in dispute in DKAR 1:148
  • Arbeo Bishop of Freising (764-783), d. 4.5.783; name often Latinised as 'Heres'
  • Arbeo Layman and witness in FRE 31; not to be confused with bishop Arbeo of Freising, mentioned only a few lines later in FRE 31 with Latin variant of his name 'Heres'
  • Arn of Salzburg Archbishop of Salzburg. Born ca 740, educated in Isen, S Zeno, mentioned in Freising as deacon (765) and priest (776).
  • Atto Abbot of Scharnitz-Schlehdorf, and from 783 bishop of Freising. Occurs as scribe in MON 1, and according to that charter to be identified with namesake in FRE 28, 34, 45, 75 & 77.
  • Aupertus* Recipient (acting) in CHLA 24:766
  • Baroncio Monk and prior of S George in FAR 2:208
  • Benedict Abbot of Farfa (802?-812?). Date of death is normally fixed at 815 (see also Costambeys, Power, p. 162), probably considering the first known year of the abbacy of Benedict's successor, Ingoald. Il Regesto di Farfa, p. 143, says Benedict was the eleventh abbot of the monastery, ruling for 10 years, 5 months and 3 days, and that he died 3 days before the Ides of August ("Undecimus denique huic monasterio pater vir venerabilis Benedictus praefuit annos .X. et .V. menses, diesque .III. Obiit in pace .III. Idus Augusti"). Considering that the previous abbot, Mauroald, is still alive in August 801 (see FAR 2:170), and that on 13th of June 803 Benedict, acting in the name and on behalf of the monastery, receives from Charlemagne a diploma confirming to Farfa all the possessions, his abbacy likely starts from 7 March 802.
  • Betto Abbot of Schäftlarn, later also bishop
  • Dagarinus Gastald <of Rieti>, dictator in CDL 4a:26 (and others). Judicial authority in CDL 4a:29. Scribe in CDL 4a:30. Oath-swearer in CDL 4a:35. Variants: Dagarius; Dagari
  • Deusdedit Priest, recipient in CDL 3:42
  • Erchanloh* Advocate in REG 11; perhaps ID with namesake in REG 9?
  • Fardulf Abbot of St-Denis
  • Fortis* Deacon, Exchanger in MDM 24, Recipient (acting) in MDM 26
  • Fortunatus Patriarch of Grado



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