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  • Agibert Archpriest and notary, acting as scribe in CHLA 68:7
  • Fader Abbot of Kremsmünster, chaplain of Tassilo III
  • Fulrad Abbot of St Denis
  • John Archpriest of Rieti, oath-swearer in CDL 4a:29. Grantor in CDL 5:63
  • Peter Archpriest of Brescia. See CHLa 88:29
  • Peter Archpriest of Brescia, witness in MDM 40
  • Rieti, S Mary Litigant (represented) in CDL 4a:26
  • Stephen Archpriest <of Rieti>, witness in FAR 2:204
  • Victor Archpriest of Modena, recipient in MOD 3



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