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  • Adeodatus Bishop <of Spoleto>, Judicial authority in CDL 4a:28 and CDL 4a:29. Two bishops named Adeodatus are mentioned among the "iudices" of CDL 4a:35 and both subscribe the "iudicatum" (one of them can be rationally identified, following the editor, with the bishop of Spoleto).
  • Adeodatus Bishop, mentioned among the "iudices" of CDL 4a:35 and autograph subscriber of the "iudcatum". No bishopric seat is identified by the editor. Also acting as witness in CDL 5:93
  • Benedict Priest, scribe in CHLA 68:6
  • Bern Deacon and later priest, frequent witness and occasional scribe of Freising charters.
  • Desiderius Witness in CDL 5:73
  • John Archpriest of Rieti, oath-swearer in CDL 4a:29. Grantor in CDL 5:63
  • Rieti, S Mary Litigant (represented) in CDL 4a:26
  • Theuferius Priest, acting as donor and scribe in CDL 5:75. Scribe in CDL 5:81 and 5:87
  • Trasimund Scribe in CHLA 23:747 and in CHLA 23:748



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