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  • Aruald "Magister", donor in CDL 5:81
  • Bertgoz Provost and then abbot of Schliersee (upon refoundation as monastery); elections to each position attested in FRE 94.
  • Fidelis Witness in CDL 2:218
  • Ingelfred Notary, acting as Issuer in MDM 42
  • Lubucio Magister and neighbour in BUN 27; modern form of name according to Durrer.
  • Paulinus II Patriarch of Aquileia
  • Schliersee Originally a church (termed variously a cellula, ecclesia, oratorium) founded around 777, refounded as a monastery in 779 (FRE 94).
  • Sinthilo Cleric and grantor in FRE 51
  • Wenilo Teacher of grantor in FRE 51
  • Wido Scribe in MDM 42



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