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  • Bergamo, S Alexander Since its first documentary evidence (May 774, see BER 193), the medieval name of St. Alexander's church in Bergamo is always combined with a standardized formula which characterizes it as the burial-place of the town's patron saint ("ubi eius sanctum corpus requiescit").
  • Emgunde* Unfree in FRE 58
  • Gaidoald King's servant. Neighbour in BER 7
  • Gratus Deacon of Monza, granter in CDL 2:231
  • Leoprand Servant of Gratus deacon, recipient in CDL 2:231
  • Maurinulus* Transacted in CDL 5:79
  • Poso* Unfree in FRE 58
  • Theodald Servant of Bergamo's episcopal church in BER 7
  • Theoderis Servant of Gratus deacon, recipient in CDL 2:231
  • Tuti* Unfree in FRE 58



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