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  • Anonymous (father of Gogo 2819) Father of grantor in PAS 15; very probably ID with agent 3283, the anonymous father of the grantor in PAS 16
  • Cito* Grantor in PAS 16, almost certainly a brother of Cogo, grantor in PAS 15 (donation on same day, using the same formulary, same location, mostly same witnesses, and in both cases deriving from paternal inheritance)
  • Gogo* Grantor in PAS 15; check whether ID with grantor Cogo in PAS 14
  • Mondsee, S Michael Monastery in Upper Austria
  • Passau, S Stephen None
  • Raginhar Previous holder in MON 33
  • Reginolf Grantor in MON 33; the editor of MON 33 mentions without comment that Zöllner considers him to be identical with the witness in MON 1; editor of MON 85 points without further comment to namesakes in MON 1 & 33, and mentions that Mitis would consider the cleric in MON 85 to be identical with a further namesake, a priest, in PAS 71
  • Tassilo III Duke of Bavaria (748-788); no precise dates for reign available, but to be narrowed down to between 18 January 748 (death of duke Odilo) and 6 July 788 (forced tonsure of Tassilo)



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