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  • Farfa, S Mary None
  • Hildebrand Duke of Spoleto
  • Kremsmünster None
  • Montecassino, S Benedict Monastery founded by St Benedict
  • Picco* Granter in FAR 2:157
  • Probatus Granter in FAR 2:157
  • Robert Granter in FAR 2:186. Despite the different spelling of name given by the later copyst, this "Rodopertus", as argued by editor himself, should be most probably identified with the "Rodoricus" acting as donor in the following document of the Regesto di Farfa (FAR 2:187): giving the monastery the other half of a wood and of the church of S Stephen, the author, again qualified as son of a Alaric, clearly recalls his previous donation made "iam antea per scriptum".
  • Tassilo III Duke of Bavaria (748-788); no precise dates for reign available, but to be narrowed down to between 18 January 748 (death of duke Odilo) and 6 July 788 (forced tonsure of Tassilo)
  • Teudemund Sculdahis, witness in many Farfa charters since August 773 (CDL 5:62). Donor in CDL 5:68, CDL 5:77 and FAR 2:147
  • Teudemund Witness in CDL 5:66 and CDL 5:83, donor in CDL 5:67



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