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  • Acerisius Granter in CDL 5:55; holder in CDL 5:85
  • Aldric Witness in WBG 71
  • Ansa Queen of the Lombards. Wife of Desiderius
  • Ansa Donor in CDL 5:84
  • Aquileia, Santa Maria None
  • Benedict Abbot of Farfa (802?-812?). Date of death is normally fixed at 815 (see also Costambeys, Power, p. 162), probably considering the first known year of the abbacy of Benedict's successor, Ingoald. Il Regesto di Farfa, p. 143, says Benedict was the eleventh abbot of the monastery, ruling for 10 years, 5 months and 3 days, and that he died 3 days before the Ides of August ("Undecimus denique huic monasterio pater vir venerabilis Benedictus praefuit annos .X. et .V. menses, diesque .III. Obiit in pace .III. Idus Augusti"). Considering that the previous abbot, Mauroald, is still alive in August 801 (see FAR 2:170), and that on 13th of June 803 Benedict, acting in the name and on behalf of the monastery, receives from Charlemagne a diploma confirming to Farfa all the possessions, his abbacy likely starts from 7 March 802.
  • Celso Recipient in CDL 5:84
  • Desiderius King of the Lombards (756-774). Died 786. Wife: Ansa. Children: Adelchis; Anselperga
  • Farfa, S Mary None
  • Ferox Abbot and founder of Santa Maria in Organo, Verona in DKAR 1:175
  • Gaidoald Buyer in BER 4
  • Hariwald / Mencioso* Grantor in BER 4
  • Helena Granter in CDL 5:56, CDL 5:57, FAR 2:201
  • Magnuald Holder in CDL 5:85
  • Paul Witness in CDL 5:58
  • Paul Donor in FAR 2:152
  • Pavia, S Salvator; All Apostles; S Daniel Female monastery founded at the end of 8th century in Pavia by King Adelchis and Ansa, wife of King Desiderius.
  • Peter Donor in CDL 5:84
  • Picco* Granter in FAR 2:157
  • Probatus Granter in FAR 2:157



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