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  • Adalgoz Witness in HER 21
  • Adalram Ordeal participant in DKAR 1:102
  • Adarulf* Scribe in DKAR 1:118. Name given only in Tironian notes: DKAR gives as "Adoulfus", ARTEM as "Adatus", CHLA as "Adaruulfus"; NeG as Adarulfus.
  • Ado Advocate of Saint-Denis in DKAR 1:138
  • Adoin Donor in DKAR 1:183, son of Uectarus.
  • Agino Count in DKAR 1:102
  • Agmbinus* Judicial authority in DKAR 1:216
  • Ailina Abbess of Argenteuil
  • Aio Landholder and fidelis of Charlemagne in DKAR 1:187
  • Aldbert Monk of Farfa in DKAR 1:171
  • Aldbert Recognitor in DKAR 1:216
  • Amalbert Recognitor in DKAR 1:189
  • Amalric Count of the palace
  • Amicho Abbot of Murbach
  • Angalramn Bishop of Metz
  • Angers, Saint-Etienne Cell/small monastery, constructed near walls of Angers.
  • Angilbert Abbot of St-Riquier. Zielinski (Introduction to CDL 5:103, following Hlawitschka, p. 30) argues he could be identified with the omonymous missus of Charlemagne, acting as Judicial authority in a dispute between San Vincenzo al Volturno and the "homines" of Valva.
  • Aniane Monastery founded by Benedict of Aniane.
  • Anonymous (agents of Carloman 1609) Claiming property in DKAR 1:51
  • Anonymous (associates of Chrodoin 2130) None



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