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  • Agilward Bishop of Würzburg
  • Andrew Bishop of Siena
  • Anonymous (priests of Bologna) Litigants in DKAR 1:197
  • Arbeo Bishop of Freising (764-783), d. 4.5.783; name often Latinised as 'Heres'
  • Arn Freising deacon and subsequently priest; later archbishop of Salzburg. To be merged with Archbishop Arn of Salzburg 913.
  • Arn of Salzburg Archbishop of Salzburg. Born ca 740, educated in Isen, S Zeno, mentioned in Freising as deacon (765) and priest (776).
  • Benedict Abbot of S Ambrose in Milan, grantor in MDM 28
  • Beonrad Abbot of Echternach
  • Bernhari Bishop of Worms and abbot of Wissembourg
  • Bonn, SS Cassius and Florentius Founded as a basilica, converted into a stift between 774-788; property of the archbishop of Cologne who used to function as abbot until c. 848; location sometimes simply stated as in 'urbis Bonnae' (RHE 48), sometimes more specifically as in 'villa Basilica' (RHE 54)
  • Carileff Founder of Saint-Calais monastery, also known as St Calais.
  • Charlemagne None
  • Chrodegang Bishop of Metz
  • Corsus Grantor in RHE 48 and 58
  • Franco Bishop of Le Mans (793-816)
  • Freising, S Mary None
  • Haimo Bishop of Siena
  • Herchenrad Bishop of Paris
  • Heribert Bishop of Arezzo
  • Hildiger Priest and witness in FRE 46a



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