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  • Adelchis Lombard king, son of Desiderius and Ansa. Brother of Anselperg, abbess of S Salvatore in Brescia
  • Ado Witness in CDL 2:257
  • Andrew "Referendarius" (a sort of chancellor of the Lombard court in Italy), acting as Dictator in CDL 3:40, CDL 3:41, CDL 3:43
  • Andrew Cleric. Exchanger in CDL 2:257
  • Andrew "Negotiator", citizen of Brescia. Buyer in CHLA 59:3
  • Anfrid Bishop of Brescia
  • Anonymous (group of half-free persons) All children born of marriages between arimanne and unfree residing on the properties of San Salvatore of Brescia. See CDL 3:44
  • Ansa Queen of the Lombards. Wife of Desiderius
  • Anselperg In CDL 3:41 only (14 June 772) Anselperg, abbess of S Salvatore in Brescia, is recorded with a second name (Oriperga)
  • Ansoald Notary, acting as scribe of CDL 2:257
  • Astulf Witness in CDL 2:257
  • Audoald Notary, acting as "Dictator" in CDL 3:44
  • Bellerifonsu* Lombard royal retainer. Witness in CDL:257
  • Bertonus Lombard "scafardus domne regine" (perhaps a "court servant having the care of vessels", according to Niermeyer), acting as Winess in CDL 2:257.
  • Bonitus Witness in MDM 40
  • Brescia, S Salvator None
  • Desiderius King of the Lombards (756-774). Died 786. Wife: Ansa. Children: Adelchis; Anselperga
  • Draco* Vendor in MDM 40
  • Ermbert Abbot of an unidentified monastery (dependent on Brescias' San Salvatore) located in Pistoia territory (possibly in Montale). See CDL 3:44
  • Ermoald Notary, acting as Scribe in CDL 3:44



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