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  • Baroncio Monk and prior of S George in FAR 2:208
  • Donno* "Prepositus" of S Valentine, acting as buyer in FAR 2:179
  • Donnus* Prepositus of Farfa, acting as exchanger in FAR 2:178 and Litigant in FAR 2:183
  • Gaidoald Litigant (acting in the name and on behalf of San Vincenzo al Volturno) in CDL 5:90
  • Gerbert Priest in S Peter of Sadrianum* (Lodi). Perambulator in CHLA 89:1
  • Guelantus* Monk of Farfa, acting as Litigant in FAR 2:184. Much probably the same said to be monk (and "prepositus") of S. Angel, dependant on Farfa, in FAR 2:208 (where he's named "Quelantus")
  • Hartfrid Prior and witness in RHE 311
  • Kamalo* Prepositus of Mondsee in MON 115



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