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  • Amabilis Provost of S Columbanus, in territory of Tuscania. Granter in CHLA 61:17
  • Bertgoz Provost and then abbot of Schliersee (upon refoundation as monastery); elections to each position attested in FRE 94.
  • Domnulus* Provost <of San Salvatore in Monte Amiata> in CHLA 61:12
  • Leo Deacon and Provost of monastery of S Bartholomew in Pistoia. Granter in CHLA 25:796
  • Prandulus* Chamber-servant of the Lombard royal palace ("cubicularius sacri palatii") and provost of San Salvatore monastery in Brescia. Acting as delegate of Anselperg abbess in CDL 2:274
  • Sindfrid Priest and provost of S Salvaro in Monte Amiata. Buyer (acting) in CHLA 24:770



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