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  • Alberic Bishop of Utrecht
  • Constantius Rector of Raetia
  • Ermbert Abbot of Wissembourg
  • Gunthar Abbot of St-Aubin, Angers
  • Hildebald Archbishop of Cologne, director of Charlemagne's royal chapel, holder of Mondsee and Bonn, died 3 September 818
  • Hugbert Lay abbot of Saint-Marcel-lès-Chalon.
  • Liutbert Priest and rector of the church of St. Fredianus of Lunata, donor in CHLA 34:1008
  • Loboald Priest and custodian of Varsi, S Peter, quoted in CHLA 27:827
  • Lull Archbishop of Mainz
  • Lupo Priest, rector of S Regulus in Gualdo in CHLA 34:1009
  • Machelm Witness in PAS 25
  • Malchelm Monk, "rector" of S Peter in Pisia* mentioned in FAR 2:155
  • Rachibert Priest and rector of church of St. Fredianus of Lucca, Granter in CHLA 34:1007
  • Sergius Priest, rector of St Quiricus. Consenter in CHLA 24:757
  • Sicherad Priest and rector of S Geminianus in Lucca, acting as donor in CHLA 34:1006.



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