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  • Allo Vicedomins of Rieti's episcopal church, litigant in CDL 4a:28 and in CDL 4a:29
  • Arnolf Vicedominus of Pisa, S Mary. Litigant (acting) in CHLA 26:812
  • Hotil* Vicedomnus of Bonn, SS Cassius and Florentius, mentioned in RHE 53
  • John Vicedominus of Rieti's episcopal church, Litigant in CDL 4a:28
  • Martin Witness in CHLA 28:855
  • Paul Cleric and vicedominus, witness in CHLA 55:2
  • Paul Vicedominus in Verona, Litigant (representing "causam Sancti Zenonis" of Verona) in CHLA 60:17
  • Presidione* "vicedominus" of Bergamo's episcopal church. Party of exchange in BER 7
  • Siguald Priest, vicedominus of episcopal church of Pisa, mentioned in CHLA 26:812



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