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  • Arochis Granter in CHLA 28:851. Father of Toto from Campione. Variants: Arechis, Anrochis, Arogis
  • Bertrada Wife of Pippin III
  • Betto Abbot of Schäftlarn, later also bishop
  • Helidmunt Donor in WBG 206
  • Milan, S Ambrose Founded prior to May 784 by Peter archbishop of Milan (see MDM 28). Institutional and patrimonial continuity with the preexisting "basilica vel cella" (beneficiary of important endowments at least since 777 by Toto from Campione) justify the creation of an unique Agent.
  • Pando Landowner in DKAR 1:111. Litigant in CDL 4a:35
  • Sigibod Witness in WBG 77
  • Theodicius Duke of Spoleto (762-773)
  • Ursus Witness in FAR 2:181
  • Waltric Priest and witness in FRE 39 et al., granter in FRE 73
  • Wulficho Witness in WBG 64



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