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  • Acerisinus* Mentioned as granter in FAR 2:181
  • Acerisius Granter in CDL 5:55; holder in CDL 5:85
  • Acerisius Witness in CDL 5:63
  • Acerisius Witness in FAR 2:188
  • Acheris Priest of Rieti, litigant in CDL 4a:28
  • Acusclum*, S Stephen Church donated to Farfa in CDL 5:84
  • Adalbert Gastald of Valva, judicial authority in FAR 2:165
  • Adelbert Judicial authority in FAR 2:183
  • Adelbert Deceased father of Occinus* in FAR 2:190
  • Adelchis Lombard king, son of Desiderius and Ansa. Brother of Anselperg, abbess of S Salvatore in Brescia
  • Adeldis* Wife of Godescal in CDL 5:86
  • Adeodatulus* Holder in CDL 5:100
  • Adeodatulus* Transacted in FAR 2:152
  • Adeodatus "Actionarius", quoted in dating clauses of Spoletine ducal diplomas since May 778
  • Adeodatus Bishop <of Spoleto>, Judicial authority in CDL 4a:28 and CDL 4a:29. Two bishops named Adeodatus are mentioned among the "iudices" of CDL 4a:35 and both subscribe the "iudicatum" (one of them can be rationally identified, following the editor, with the bishop of Spoleto).
  • Adeodatus Bishop, mentioned among the "iudices" of CDL 4a:35 and autograph subscriber of the "iudcatum". No bishopric seat is identified by the editor. Also acting as witness in CDL 5:93
  • Adeodatus Witness in CDL 5:60
  • Adeodatus Father of Teudipert 6106 in CDL 5:64
  • Adeodatus Deacon, witness in FAR 2:164
  • Aderis Notary, scribe in CDL 4a:24, 25, 27, 33, and in CDL 5:93



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