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  • Angilbert Abbot of St-Riquier. Zielinski (Introduction to CDL 5:103, following Hlawitschka, p. 30) argues he could be identified with the omonymous missus of Charlemagne, acting as Judicial authority in a dispute between San Vincenzo al Volturno and the "homines" of Valva.
  • Anonymous (children of Charlemagne 1) Used where Charlemagne refers to his children (e.g. as spiritual beneficiaries) but does not specify which children are being included.
  • Anonymous (wife of Charlemagne) Used where Charlemagne refers in general terms to spiritual benefits for his wife (or previous and current wives), without mentioning her/them by name.
  • Charlemagne None
  • Daniel Vendor in CHLA 28:876. One of the children of Durodus* not otherwhise named in CDL 2:289
  • Durodus* Deceased father of Daniel and Urso (identified vendors in CHLA 29:876, anonymous - simply mentioned as "filii quondam Durodo" - in CDL 2:289)
  • Ercambald Chancery official of Charlemagne
  • Ermoald Gastald, exchanger in CDL 2:289. Buyer in CHLA 29:876
  • Nonantola, S Sylvester Party of Exchange in CHLa 88:29
  • Pippin Son of Charlemagne, king of Italy
  • Rado Chancellor in D KAR 1:147
  • Senator Exchanger in CDL 2:289
  • Urso Vendor in CHLA 29:876. One of the children of Durodus* not otherwhise named in CDL 2:289



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