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  • Aldric Recognitor in DKAR 1:206
  • Anonymous (bishops) Generic group used when bishops are taking part in royal judgements.
  • Anonymous (children of Charlemagne 1) Used where Charlemagne refers to his children (e.g. as spiritual beneficiaries) but does not specify which children are being included.
  • Anonymous (dukes) Generic term used when dukes are described as taking part in a royal judgement.
  • Anonymous (successors of Charlemagne 1) Used where Charlemagne refers in general terms to spiritual benefits for his successors
  • Anonymous (supporters of Charlemagne) Used when charter includes spiritual benefits for groups of Charlemagne's men (magnates, leudes, fideles etc), or when these are assisting him in a judgement. Create an ARF to indicate specific term used.
  • Anonymous (wife of Charlemagne) Used where Charlemagne refers in general terms to spiritual benefits for his wife (or previous and current wives), without mentioning her/them by name.
  • Ansa Queen of the Lombards. Wife of Desiderius
  • Anselperg In CDL 3:41 only (14 June 772) Anselperg, abbess of S Salvatore in Brescia, is recorded with a second name (Oriperga)
  • Apollinaris Bishop of Reggio Emilia (756-781). Subscriber in CDL 2:274
  • Arezzo, SS. Donato e Pietro Cathedral church of Arezzo.
  • Arigausus Abbot of S Ambrose in Milan, recipient in MDM 38
  • Atrualdus* Deceased father of Peter 5263 in CHLA 25:796
  • Bergamo, S Alexander Since its first documentary evidence (May 774, see BER 193), the medieval name of St. Alexander's church in Bergamo is always combined with a standardized formula which characterizes it as the burial-place of the town's patron saint ("ubi eius sanctum corpus requiescit").
  • Brescia, S Salvator None
  • Carloman Brother of Charlemagne.
  • Charlemagne None
  • Desiderius King of the Lombards (756-774). Died 786. Wife: Ansa. Children: Adelchis; Anselperga
  • Dominator Deacon. Party of exchange in BER 7
  • Ercambald Chancery official of Charlemagne



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