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  • Campione d'Italia, S Zeno Recipient in CHLA 28:852, 855, MDM 37
  • Campione d'Italia, xenodochium Founded by Toto in 777. Recipient in CHLA 28:855
  • Gratus Deacon of Monza, granter in CDL 2:231
  • Lamperga Wife of Taido "gasindio regis", from Bergamo (BER 193)
  • Monza, S John Party in CDL 2:218 and CDL 2:231
  • Monza, SS Salvator and Fidelis Founded by Gratus deacon of Monza in CDL 2:231, described as an oraculum.
  • Tagido "Gasindio regis", author of a large testament in May 774 (BER 193) and qualified in that circumstance as "civis Bergome", certainly different from Agent ID 302 (witness of the same charter) and possibly from the namesake Agent ID 288, coming from "Lemine" and dead before 26 January 806.
  • Theodald Priest and custodian of the church of S Agatha in Monza. Granter in CDL 2:218
  • Theoderis Cleric, nephew of Theodald priest. Recipient in CDL 2:218
  • Toto Buyer in CHLA 28:853. The well-known Toto from Campione (see also CHLA 28:852)



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