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  • Adeodatulus* Holder in CDL 5:100
  • Anonymous (homines of duke Winigis) Holder and Litigant (represented) in FAR 2:171
  • Charlemagne None
  • Farfa, S Mary None
  • Grisio* Sculdahis, witness of transaction in FAR 2:171
  • Haroin Missus of Charlemagne, acting as Judicial authority in FAR 2:171
  • Hilderic I Reatine Gastald from 766 and 768-771 (in dating clauses from CDL 5:54 onwards). Donor in CDL 5:60, CDL 5:100 and in DKAR 1:171
  • Hilderic II Reatine gastald, mentioned in dating clauses and in a couple of notarial subscriptions of some Farfa charters in 792/793-801 and acting as witness and donor up to 817. In contrast with Costambeys, we have to distinguish this agent from the homonymous gastald (id. 5732) whose career as public official, though not without interruption, can be retraced back to 766. While the first gastald is said to be son of Taciperga and married with Hilciperga in 773 and 786 (CDL 5:60 and CDL 5:100), Hilderic (II)'s wife is Sinda, as we can read in a charter of 814 (“Anno imperii domni Ludogvici .I. et Bernardi regis Langobardorum .II”), where “Hildericus castaldius unacum Sinda coniuge mea” receives back "in precariam" from the abbot of Farfa a "curtis" located "in massa Interocrina" that was previously donated to the monastery.
  • Hilpidius Gastald in Valva, mentioned in dating clauses of Spoletine ducal diplomas since April 782 (CDL 4a:36). Judicial authority in CDL 4a:35 and in CDL 5:103
  • Hisembard Missus of Charlemagne, acting as Judicial authority in FAR 2:171
  • John Monk of Farfa, Litigant (acting) in FAR 2:171
  • Leo Sculdahis, Donor in CDL 5:72. Echevin in FAR 2:165
  • Lupo Donor in CDL 5:66, witness in CDL 5:67
  • Magio* Gastald, witness of transaction in FAR 2:171
  • Mancio Abbot and missus of Charlemagne, acting as Judicial authority in FAR 2:171
  • Maximus Sculdahis, witness of transaction in FAR 2:171. Much possibly the same acting as judicial authority, with the title of gastald, in FAR 2:205
  • Paul Donor in FAR 2:152
  • Radoin Echevin of Piacenza, acting as judicial authority in FAR 2:161
  • Rieti, S James Proprietary church of the Hilderici family, donated to Farfa in CDL 5:100
  • Stabilis* Notary, witness in FAR 2:171



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