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  • Adelchis Lombard king, son of Desiderius and Ansa. Brother of Anselperg, abbess of S Salvatore in Brescia
  • Aldric Witness in WBG 71
  • Andrew Cleric. Exchanger in CDL 2:257
  • Ansa Queen of the Lombards. Wife of Desiderius
  • Anselperg In CDL 3:41 only (14 June 772) Anselperg, abbess of S Salvatore in Brescia, is recorded with a second name (Oriperga)
  • Areldena/Arelda Wife of Emisoind, mother of Rochildena
  • Arichis Son of Areldena/Arelda, consenter in CDL 3:42 donation 2
  • Aris Son of Areldena/Arelda, consenter in CDL 3:42 donation 2
  • Atto Granter in CHLA 35:1011
  • Autbert Donor in WBG 22
  • Betto Abbot of Schäftlarn, later also bishop
  • Bonn, SS Cassius and Florentius Founded as a basilica, converted into a stift between 774-788; property of the archbishop of Cologne who used to function as abbot until c. 848; location sometimes simply stated as in 'urbis Bonnae' (RHE 48), sometimes more specifically as in 'villa Basilica' (RHE 54)
  • Cremona (territory), S Mary Church in Cremona's territory, near Oglio ("prope ripa fluvii Ollio")
  • Deusdedit Priest, recipient in CDL 3:42
  • Engilthruda Spiritual beneficiary in WBG 236
  • Helmric Husband of grantor in SFL 14
  • Hildebald Archbishop of Cologne, director of Charlemagne's royal chapel, holder of Mondsee and Bonn, died 3 September 818
  • Ingobert Granter in WBG 258
  • Irminberga Wife of grantor in MON 69
  • Irminfrid Grandfather of grantor in WER 5



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