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  • Adalung Granter in FRE 94
  • Anonymous (monks of Schliersee) Mentioned in FRE 94
  • Antuni Granter in FRE 94
  • Arbeo Bishop of Freising (764-783), d. 4.5.783; name often Latinised as 'Heres'
  • Benedict Abbot of S Ambrose in Milan, grantor in MDM 28
  • Bertgoz Provost and then abbot of Schliersee (upon refoundation as monastery); elections to each position attested in FRE 94.
  • Charroux Monastery founded in 785.
  • David Abbot of Charroux
  • Ebreo Abbot of Mettlach
  • Gerold Granter in FRE 94. NB given in one charter copy as Kerpalt.
  • Hartham Abbot of Mettlach
  • Hildibald Granter in FRE 94
  • Mettlach Founded at end of seventh century.
  • Milan, S Ambrose Founded prior to May 784 by Peter archbishop of Milan (see MDM 28). Institutional and patrimonial continuity with the preexisting "basilica vel cella" (beneficiary of important endowments at least since 777 by Toto from Campione) justify the creation of an unique Agent.
  • Milo Bishop of Trier
  • Otger Granter in FRE 94
  • Peter Archbishop of Milan, founder of monastery of S Ambrose (MDM 28)
  • Radbert Abbot of Mettlach.
  • Raginbert Founder of the monastery of Scharnitz-Schlehdorf at Scharnitz
  • Roger Count and founder of Charroux Abbey in DKAR 1:194



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