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  • Abbo Lombard royal forester ("vualdeman" in "gagio Regense"), perambulator in CDL 3:41
  • Adalard Abbot of Corbie, "missus" of Charlemagne in CHLa 88:29
  • Adelchis Lombard king, son of Desiderius and Ansa. Brother of Anselperg, abbess of S Salvatore in Brescia
  • Amatellus Monk <of Farfa>, perambulator in CDL 5:94
  • Amelpert* Deacon of Brescia. See CHLa 88:29
  • Anfrid Bishop of Brescia
  • Angilbert Grantor in WER 26
  • Anonymous (missus of Liudger 4951) Perambulating in WER 26
  • Ansefrid Missus of Rimo gastald, acting as perambulator in CDL 5:94
  • Arn of Salzburg Archbishop of Salzburg. Born ca 740, educated in Isen, S Zeno, mentioned in Freising as deacon (765) and priest (776).
  • Auderisius Monk <of Farfa>, perambulator in CDL 5:94
  • Austribert* Monk of Farfa, witness in CDL 5:94
  • Cunibert Iudex in ENN 2:2
  • Decorosus Monk of Farfa and doctor in DKAR 1:170. Probably the same acting as perambulator in CDL 5:94
  • Desiderius King of the Lombards (756-774). Died 786. Wife: Ansa. Children: Adelchis; Anselperga
  • Deusdedit Priest, perambulator in CHLA 60:17
  • Donatus Priest in Verona, perambulator in CHLA 60:17
  • Fader Abbot of Kremsmünster, chaplain of Tassilo III
  • Farfa, S Mary None
  • Fraulme* Echevin, Judicial authority in CHLA 60:17



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