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Charter: CHLA 55:2


Classification: Charter
Short Reference: CHLA 55:2
Database ID: 213
Editions: CHLA 55:2, pp. 37-40 VER 1, pp. 1-7.
Bibliography: Ciaralli (2007), pp. lxxi-lxxii, 2 (on the issues regarding the dating system). On the deacon Pacificus, one of the witnesses of the charter, see La Rocca (1995).

Integrity: Complete
Authenticity: Authentic

Dating Information: Dated (incompletely) using the Charlemagne (Italy), Pippin (Italy) & Indiction dating systems as 13 May 809.

Dating Notes: There's a mismatch between the elements of dating clause: the third Indiction coincides with year 810, while the years of rule of Charlemagne and Pippin ("coreges" in the text) can be referred both to 809, or to 810 for Charlemagne (if we consider that in Verona the scribes generally used to date the beginning of his kingdom in Italy from his descent - spring 773 - and not from his coronation after the fall of Pavia) and to 809 for Pippin. Further details in Ciaralli 2007 (see Bibliography above).

Transmission information

  • Original
    • Main witness used in edition
    • Date: 809 - 809
    • Current Repository: Città del Vaticano, Archivio Segreto, Fondo Veneto I

Main Business 1

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  1. Grant involving 3 possessions.

Also mentioned 3

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  1. Grant involving 1 possessions.
  2. Grant involving 1 possessions.
  3. Grant involving 4 possessions.

Miscellaneous Events 1

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  1. Burial

Associated Agents 18

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  1. Walperga Granter
  2. Hadumar Recipient, Recipient, Granter, Spiritual Third-Party Beneficiary, Buried
  3. Lupo Granter
  4. Ratold Recipient, Granter
  5. Hucpald Recipient, Granter
  6. Verona, S Peter in Castello Recipient
  7. Agelm Witness of charter
  8. Robert Witness of charter
  9. Peter Witness of charter
  10. Hingo Witness of charter
  11. Paul Witness of charter
  12. Pacificus Witness of charter
  13. Lobo* Witness of charter
  14. Drago* Witness of charter
  15. Ingo Witness of charter
  16. Hermengar Witness of charter
  17. Grasulf Witness of charter
  18. Stadibertus* Scribe
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