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Charter: CHLA 68:6


Classification: Charter
Short Reference: CHLA 68:6
Database ID: 396
Editions: CHLA 68:6, pp. 28-30

Integrity: Fragmentary
Authenticity: Authentic

Dating Information: Dated (incompletely) using the Unknown (king, no territory) & Indiction dating systems as 15 December 812.

Dating Notes: Because of serious damages to the upper part of the parchment, name(s) of ruler(s) lacking in dating clause: "[+ Regna]nt[e] domino n[ostro ......] rex h[ic] in I[talia a]nno regni eorum in Dei nomine trigesimo nono, medio mensae decembrium, indictione sexta". Conjectural datation (15 December 812) is presumed by editor on the basis of a (possible) integration between indiction and year of rule of Charlemagne in Italy.

Transmission information

  • Original
    • Main witness used in edition
    • Date: 812 - 812
    • Current Repository: Piacenza, Archivio Storico Diocesano, Archivio Capitolare

Main Business 2

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  1. Livellus involving 7 possessions.
  2. Livellus involving 7 possessions.

Also mentioned 1

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  1. Forfeit of loan security involving 1 possessions.

Associated Agents 10

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  1. Winibald Debtor, Recipient
  2. Robert Debtor, Recipient
  3. Agibert Debtor, Recipient
  4. Gundoald Recipient (acting), Granter (acting), Granter (acting)
  5. Varsi, S Peter Recipient (represented), Granter (represented), Granter (represented)
  6. Theutpald Witness of charter
  7. Petronus Witness of charter
  8. Gumbert Witness of charter
  9. Albert Witness of charter
  10. Benedict Scribe
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  1. Unknown 1112
  2. Unknown 1113
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