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Notice: WES 1


Classification: Notice
Short Reference: WES 1
Database ID: 436
Editions: WES 1, pp. 3-6

Integrity: Extracted
Authenticity: Interpolated

Notes: Only first sentence survives, following text considered by editor an interpolation for an 11th century forgery

Dating Information: It is dated as being between 1 January 755 & 31 December 785.

Dating Notes: no dating elements extant, but foundation of Wessobrunn in 752/753 and grantor (Tassilo III) provides lower and upper limits; editor asigns date of 'ca 755 to ca 785', and rates a date post 764 'probable', with the donation 'possibly' dating from 769 or 770 (synods of Dingolfing and Aufhausen in the vicinity of the trandacted place, and presided over by Tassilo)

Transmission information

  • Cartulary copy
    • Main witness used in edition
    • Date: 1521 - 1521
    • Current Repository: Munich, Bayerisches Hauptstaatsarchiv

Main Business 1

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  1. Grant involving 1 possessions.

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WES 1 contains no other transactions.

Associated Agents 2

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  1. Tassilo III Granter
  2. Wessobrunn Recipient
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