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Charter: RHE 48


Classification: Charter
Short Reference: RHE 48
Database ID: 478
Editions: RHE 48, pp. 67-68

Integrity: Extracted
Authenticity: Authentic

Notes: Some abbreviations, as signatures and witnesses are missing, and the text begins with 'Idem', most likely referring to the charter preceding in the extant manuscript. The name of the grantor is not mentioned but assumed to be the same as in the preceding charter, RHE 58.

Dating Information: Dated using the Charlemagne (king, no territory) dating system as being between 9 October 787 & 9 October 788.

Dating Notes: no mention of day or month, only 20th regnal year of 'king Charles'; editor assumes date range of 9 October 787 to 9 October 788

Transmission information

  • Early modern copy
    • Main witness used in edition
    • Date: 1550 - 1579
    • Current Repository: Halle, Universitätsbibliothek Halle

Main Business 1

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  1. Grant involving 1 possessions.

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  1. Possession involving 1 possessions.
  2. Possession involving 1 possessions.

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