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Diploma: CDL 3:44


Classification: Diploma
Short Reference: CDL 3:44
Database ID: 79
Editions: CDL 3:44, pp. 251-260

Integrity: Complete
Authenticity: Authentic


  • Secular law reference (general)

Features Notes: The text doesn't cite any specific secular law reference, only (as usual in Lombard charters) a general reference to the "Edictum": "Verumtamen et concedimus ad ipsa venerabilia loca omnes servi de suprascribta monasteria vel curtes ad eas pertinentes, qui arimannas mulieres sibi in coniugio sotiaverunt vel in antea sotiaverint, qualiter ad potestate palatii nostri debuerant pertinere secundum edicti tinore”. It's a quite evident reference (even if not pointed out by the former editor) to Roth. 221 and Liuthpr. 24,4, about the royal right over those free women who decided to marry with servants. Much more vague the reference to Roth. 3 ("Si quis foris provincia fugire timtaverit, morti incurrat periculum, et res eius infiscentur"), in the matter of the confiscation of the properties of nine unfaithful men who escaped to France (The text says: “Concedimus etenim in ipso domini Salvatoris monasterio omnes res vel familias Augino, qui in Frantia fuga lapsus est, et omnes curtes vel singula terratoria atque familia, que fuerunt Sesenno, Raidolfi, Rodoaldi, Stabili, Eoardi, Ansaheli, Gotefrid et Teodosi vel de alii consentaneis eorum, quam ipsi per sua perdiderunt in fidelitate et a potestate palatii nostri devenerunt”). Biblical references: "Dominus noster, rex regum et omnium Dominus dominantium": 1 Tm. 6,15; Ap. 19,16. "Redemptor noster, qui munera iusti pueri sui Abel suscepit": Gn 4, 4; Mt, 23, 35

Dating Information: Dated using the Desiderius, Adelchis & Indiction dating systems as 11 November 772.

Transmission information

  • Single-sheet copy
    • Main witness used in edition
    • Date: 875 - 925
    • Current Repository: Brescia, Archivio di Stato, Archivio Storico Civico

Main Business 4

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  1. Confirmation of exchange involving 1 possessions.
  2. Confirmation of possession involving 11 possessions.
  3. Grant involving 10 possessions.
  4. Grant involving 1 possessions.

Also mentioned 7

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  1. Grant involving 1 possessions.
  2. Grant involving 1 possessions.
  3. Sale involving 0 possessions.
  4. Grant involving 2 possessions.
  5. Grant involving 1 possessions.
  6. Confiscation involving 1 possessions.
  7. Exchange involving 1 possessions.

Miscellaneous Events 2

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  1. Foundation of monastery
  2. Journey

Associated Agents 31

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  1. Sindulf Granter
  2. Brescia, S Salvator Recipient, Exchanger 2, Recipient, Holder, Recipient, Buyer, Recipient, Recipient, Exchanger 2
  3. Ermbert Exchanger 1, Exchanger 1
  4. Arechis II Granter, Granter
  5. Adelchis Confirmer, Granter, Granter, Judicial authority, Confirmer
  6. Radwald Vendor
  7. Theodicius Granter
  8. Anonymous (group of half-free persons) Recipient
  9. Augin Holder, Traveller
  10. Sesennus* Holder
  11. Radwald Holder
  12. Stabilis* Holder
  13. Edward Holder
  14. Ansahelis* Holder
  15. Godefrid Holder
  16. Theodosius Holder
  17. Raidolf / Rodolph Holder
  18. Bologna, S Cassianus Object of transaction, Object of transaction, Object of transaction
  19. Ansa Founder
  20. Sirmione, S Salvator Founded institution, Object of transaction
  21. Pavia, S Salvator; All Apostles; S Daniel Object of transaction
  22. Sextunum* and Vallantis* Object of transaction
  23. Intride* Object of transaction
  24. Benevento (territory), S Liberator Object of transaction, Object of transaction
  25. Maurentia Object of transaction
  26. Anonymous (daughter of Maurentia 1086) Object of transaction
  27. Pistoia (territory), monastery Object of transaction, Object of transaction, Object of transaction
  28. S Vitus Object of transaction
  29. Anonymous (group of arimanne) Object of transaction
  30. Audoald Dictator
  31. Ermoald Scribe (acting)
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Places 24


  • A place on the map
  • Location of Possession
  • Location of Redaction or Transaction
  • All other location roles

Note: Unknown places are not on the map, but included in the list below.

  1. Sirmione
  2. Reggio Emilia
    • Location over which authority is held (civitas)