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Charter: FAR 2:200


Classification: Charter
Short Reference: FAR 2:200
Database ID: 910
Editions: FAR 2:200, pp. 163-164

Integrity: Complete
Authenticity: Authentic

Dating Information: Dated (incompletely) using the Charlemagne (emperor), Charlemagne (Francia), Charlemagne (Italy), Incarnation year & Indiction dating systems as 28 October 813.

Dating Notes: By using the Incarnation style, this document is dated to 814 (28 October), and both the Indiction (7th) and Charlemagne's imperal year (14th) correspond to that bit of information. Nevertheless, considering that's unlikely the scribe was unaware of Charlemagne's death to nine months away, editor argues the charter to be dated back to year 813.

Transmission information

  • Cartulary copy
    • Main witness used in edition
    • Date: 1092 - 1100
    • Current Repository: Rome, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana

Main Business 1

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  1. Grant involving 3 possessions.

Also mentioned 1

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  1. Grant involving 3 possessions.

Associated Agents 10

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  1. Anonymous (brothers of Acerisius 7829) Granter
  2. Acerisius Recipient, Granter, Spiritual First-Party Beneficiary
  3. Benedict Recipient (acting)
  4. Farfa, S Mary Recipient (represented)
  5. Hugh Witness of charter
  6. Tachiprand Witness of charter
  7. Lupo Witness of charter
  8. Stephen Witness of charter
  9. Benedict Witness of charter
  10. Hisemund Scribe
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Place Relationships

  1. Farfa is in Sabina (territory) [see full details]