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Charter: FAR 2:203


Classification: Charter
Short Reference: FAR 2:203
Database ID: 913
Editions: FAR 2:203, pp. 166-167

Integrity: Complete
Authenticity: Authentic


  • Secular law reference (general)

Features Notes: Reference to the Lombard "morcingap", established in Rothari, Edictus, chap. 182 (and recalled in Liuthprand, chap. 7)

Dating Information: Dated (incompletely) using the Charlemagne (emperor), Charlemagne (Francia), Charlemagne (Italy), Incarnation year & Indiction dating systems as 18 July 813.

Dating Notes: By using the Incarnation style, this document is dated to 814 (18 July), "anno .XIIII. imperii Karoli a deo coronati magni et pacifici gubernantis imperium". Nevertheless, on the basis of Indiction (6th) used, and considering that's unlikely the scribe was unaware of Charlemagne's death to five months away, editor argues the charter to be dated back to year 813.

Transmission information

  • Cartulary copy
    • Main witness used in edition
    • Date: 1092 - 1100
    • Current Repository: Rome, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana

Main Business 1

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  1. Precarial grant (initial grant) involving 1 possessions.

Also mentioned 6

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  1. Marriage gift involving 1 possessions.
  2. Possession involving 1 possessions.
  3. Possession involving 1 possessions.
  4. Possession involving 1 possessions.
  5. Possession involving 1 possessions.
  6. Precarial grant (initial grant) involving 2 possessions.

Associated Agents 17

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  1. Ursus Granter, Granter, Spiritual First-Party Beneficiary, Consenter
  2. Hildeberga Recipient, Granter, Spiritual First-Party Beneficiary
  3. Peter Holder
  4. Saborrulus* Holder
  5. Gaudiosulus* Holder
  6. Sindbert Holder
  7. Farfa, S Mary Recipient (represented), Recipient
  8. Benedict Recipient (acting), Recipient (acting)
  9. Audolf Consenter
  10. Joseph Witness of charter
  11. Landemarius* Witness of charter
  12. Agemund Witness of charter
  13. Ansefrid Witness of charter
  14. Fratellus Witness of charter
  15. Gaiderisius* Witness of charter
  16. Hilderic Witness of charter
  17. Opteramus Scribe
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Place Relationships

  1. Farfa is in Sabina (territory) [see full details]