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  • Abersberg (Germany) near Zolling, district Freising
  • Adenau (Germany) district Ahrweiler
  • Ader (Austria) near Timelkan
  • Ailano (Italy) Possible location in DKAR 1:158
  • Alife (Italy) Possible location in DKAR 1:158
  • Alteckendorf (France) According to editor of WBG 133 and French Wikipedia, Eckendorf was absorbed into Alteckendorf in the C18.
  • Altentann (Austria) 2km southeast of Henndorf am Wallersee
  • Andiesen (Austria) near St Marienkirchen bei Schärding
  • Antiesen (Austria) part of Utzenaich
  • Antiesenhofen (Austria) medieval name according to Orbis Latinus
  • Armetshofen (Germany) near Oberroth, district Dachau
  • Atzmanning (Austria) near Brunnenthal, district Schärding
  • Aubigny (France) Hamlet near Taxigny, possible location in DKAR 1:97
  • Aubigny-sur-Nère (France) None
  • Aulnay (France) Possible location in DKAR 1:97
  • Aunay-sous-Auneau (France) Possible location in DKAR 1:97
  • Austrasia (territory) (Medieval Territory) None
  • Austria (territory) (Medieval Territory) The Eastern portion of "Langobardia Maior", the north-central part of the Lombard Kingdom in Italy, from Adda river to Friulan region.
  • Avesnes-Chaussoy (France) Possible location in DKAR 1:107
  • Awans (Belgium) Possible location in DKAR 1:124