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  • Acquaviva (Italy) Borough of Montepulciano
  • Albizzate (Italy) None
  • Brescia (Italy) None
  • Cumiana (Italy) None
  • Germignaga (Italy) On the Western bank of Lake Maggiore
  • Linzgau (Germany) None
  • Steinenstadt (Germany) None
  • Sumirago (Italy) None
  • Unknown 1411 (Italy) In territory of Castelseprio (prov. Varese)
  • Unknown 1412 (Italy) Most probably today's Caiello di Gallarate (prov. Varese)
  • Unknown 1414 (Italy) Most probably Coarezza, hamlet of Somma Lombardo (prov. Varese)
  • Unknown 1415 (Italy) In territory of Castelseprio (prov. Varese)
  • Unknown 1416 (Italy) Traditionally identified with Locarno in Switzerland, Canton Ticino, but more probably, as argued by Bedina and Lucioni, to be located between Lesa and Massino, on the mid-Western bank of Lake Maggiore.
  • Unknown 1417 (Italy) In territory of Stazzona
  • Unknown 1418 (Italy) Unidentified place "ultra fluvio Pado"
  • Unknown 1675 (Italy) Unidentified place in Tuscany