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  • Aachen (Germany) None
  • Bergamo (Italy) None
  • Bergen (Germany) District Freising
  • Bologna (Italy) None
  • Calendasco (Italy) None
  • Caprino Veronese (Medieval Territory) In CHLa 59:4 Caprino is the core of a territory (defined "fundus") including the locations of Montecchio and "Follonis"
  • Chiusi (Italy) None
  • Chur (Switzerland) located within the boundaries of modern Chur (Graubünden), near St Hilarien
  • Cognanello (Italy) Locality ca. 2km south of Montepulciano
  • Concorezzo (Italy) None
  • Cornino (Italy) In Val di Cornia, near Populonia (prov. Livorno, Tuscany)
  • Eching (Germany) district Freising
  • Farfa (Italy) None
  • Freising (Germany) None
  • Hohenthann (Germany) near Tuntenhausen, district Rosenheim
  • Isen (Germany) district Erding
  • Lampugnano (Italy) It is a district ("quartiere") of Milan, part of the Zone 8 administrative division of the city. Until 1841, it was an autonomous comune.
  • Langenpreising (Germany) district Erding
  • Laupendahl (Germany) today part of Kettwig, in turn part of the city of Essen
  • Locate Bergamasco (Italy) Hamlet of Ponte San Pietro