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  • Fischlaken (Germany) today part of Essen
  • Germersberg (Germany) near Alling, district Fürstenfeldbruck; geolocation provided for Alling
  • Passau (Germany) None
  • Sallet (Austria) near Steegen, district Grieskirchen
  • Salzburg (Austria) city; medieval variants: Salisburgum, Petena
  • Unknown 1363 (Germany) mentioned in SFL 13 and FRE 508, with the same grantor appearing in both; only FRE 508 mentions the place as being close to Lake Starnberg ('prope lacu Uuirmseo'; Würmsee was only renamed Lake Starnberg in 1962) thus probably situated in modern Bavaria; the editor of SFL 13 rejects two previously suggested identifications without providing an identification of his own
  • Unknown 1749 (Germany) mentioned in WER 5 and WER 8 as located near the river Erft in North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Unknown 1755 (Germany) mentioned in WER 8 as part of the villa of Fischlaken (today part of Essen)
  • Unknown 74 (Switzerland) probably located near Masans (Graubünden)