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  • Mondsee (Austria) medieval variant: Maninseo
  • Rieti (Italy) None
  • Schöffau (Germany) in Lower Bavaria, to Weihmörting; alternative spelling (Mondsee cartulary): Schefovva
  • Unknown 1144 (Italy) None
  • Unknown 1147 (Italy) Unidentified place "in finibus Laude", where a monastery dedicated to S Peter was founded before [813-818]. See CHLA 89:1
  • Unknown 1929 (Italy) Location of villa in DKAR 1:159 and of a "cella" of San Vincenzo al Volturno. Vanished place near the church of S Peter "ad oratorium", today in the commune of Bussi sul Tirino, province of Pescara
  • Unknown 2285 (Italy) Vanished locality near Castelvecchio Calvisio, province of L'Aquila
  • Unknown 2286 (Natural Landmark) In the territory of Carapelle Calvisio (province of L'Aquila)
  • Unknown 2287 (wood) (Natural Landmark) Wood of S Pancras, East of Carapelle Calvisio
  • Unknown 2288 (Italy) Vanished place near Carapelle Calvisio (province of L'Aquila)
  • Unknown 2305 (Italy) "Casalis" much possibly located in the territory of Viterbo. "Vicus" in FAR 2:177
  • Unknown 2444 (Italy) Unidentified "vicus" in Northern Latium
  • Viterbo (Italy) None
  • Viterbo (territory) (Medieval Territory) None