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  • Casaprota (Italy) Location of a farm granted by duke Hildebrand to Farfa in CDL 4a:27. Editor does not attempt to identify. For "Casa Perota" as the modern Casaprota, province of Rieti, see Saracco Previdi (1973), p. 675, n. 383.
  • Chiusi (Italy) None
  • Corese (Italy) Frazione of Fara in Sabina
  • Farfa (Italy) None
  • Gavignano Sabino (Italy) Frazione of Forano
  • Montepulciano (Italy) None
  • Penne (town) (Italy) None
  • Pettino (Italy) Borough of L'Aquila
  • Rieti (Italy) None
  • San Gregorio di Cantalice (Italy) On the identification of "Pitilianus ad Sanctum Gregorium" see Saracco Previdi (1973), p. 669.
  • Spoleto (Italy) None
  • Spoleto (territory) (Medieval Territory) Duchy
  • Tuscania (Italy) None
  • Unknown 1444 (Italy) According to the editor (on the basis of Liverani and previous edition by Schiaparelli), to be identified with a small locality "in Valdichiana, not far from Montepulciano", province of Siena. Kurze, on the contrary, sticking to the formula in the text ("Actum in Brioni, finibus Taurinate"), points out "Taurinate" is used in contemporary charters only for Turin, and locate "Brioni" in Val della Torre, 15 km. NW Turin. This identification was recently accepted by Chiarle.
  • Unknown 1450 (Italy) Location of casalis in DKAR 1:111
  • Unknown 2013 (Italy) Location <possibly in territory of Rieti> of lands donated by duke Hildebrand to Farfa
  • Unknown 2101 (Italy) Editor of CDL 5:68 locates it in the "curtis Germaniciana", territory of Rieti
  • Unknown 2132 (Italy) Possibly in Sabina
  • Unknown 2164 (Italy) Location in Cicolano, South-West of Rieti
  • Unknown 2174 (Italy) Locality much possibly in Sabina