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  • Angers (France) None
  • Beaufort-en-Vallée (France) Editor of DKAR 1:58 identifies Monnet as in arrondisement of Beaugé/Baugé, which was abolished in 1926. Editor of cartulary of Saint-Aubin identifies Multonacus as Monnet in commune of Beaufort-en-Vallée (formerly in arrondisement of Beaugé).
  • Bouchemaine (France) According to French Wikipedia, the modern commune consists of three villages: Pruniers, Bouchemaine et la Pointe. Editor of DKAR 1:58 identifies Pruniers with Prunarius.
  • Gétigné (France) None
  • Les Ponts-de-Cé (France) None
  • Mornac (France) None
  • Méron (France) None
  • Trèves-Cunault (France) None
  • Unknown 823 (France) Editor of DKAR 1:58 identifies as Papillaie in commune of Angers; modern location not identified.
  • Unknown 832 (France) Appears in DKAR 1:58; probably in region of Angers.