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  • Acquaviva (Italy) Borough of Montepulciano
  • Calci (Italy) None
  • Corfinio (Italy) None
  • Dosson di San Lazzaro (Italy) None
  • Echternach (Luxembourg) None
  • Gelucourt (France) None
  • Germersberg (Germany) near Alling, district Fürstenfeldbruck; geolocation provided for Alling
  • Hohenthann (Germany) near Tuntenhausen, district Rosenheim
  • Isen (Germany) district Erding
  • Les-Oudonnières (France) said in MRH 41 to be situated in the pagus of Angers, modern name provided by Nolden (1997), pp. 276-277; unable to locate on any map so far, but some searches returned a place 'les Bourdonnières' (SW of Mayenne) without any explanation
  • Mattighofen (Austria) district Braunau am Inn
  • Monza (Italy) Variant of Medieval name: Modoetia
  • Orticaia (Italy) Ancient quarter of Pisa
  • Piacenza (Italy) None
  • Pisa (Italy) None
  • Quinto di Treviso (Italy) None
  • Regensburg (Germany) None
  • Thanning (Germany) near district Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen
  • Treviso (Italy) None
  • Unknown 1129 (Italy) Possibly in territory of Treviso