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  • Aiterbach (Germany) district Freising
  • Aiterhofen (Germany) district Straubing-Bogen
  • Allach-Untermenzing (Germany) district Munich
  • Assling (Germany) district Ebersberg
  • Berganger (Germany) district Ebersberg
  • Bergen (Germany) District Freising
  • Buch am Erlbach (Germany) district Landshut, Bavaria
  • Derndorf (Germany) district Rosenheim
  • Dingolfing (Germany) District Dingolfing-Landau
  • Dorfen (Germany) District Erding. Possibly also modern-day Oberdorfen (3km to the west).
  • Ebertshausen (Germany) near Straßlach-Dingharting, district Munich
  • Eching (Germany) district Freising
  • Feteraha* (Germany) To be identified with one of several modern places called 'Pfettrach' in Bavaria.
  • Freising (Germany) None
  • Fürholzen (Germany) near Neufahrn, district Freising; mentioned in FRE 46a with spelling variants 'Furihulci' (text) and 'Furihulze' (rubric)
  • Germersberg (Germany) near Alling, district Fürstenfeldbruck; geolocation provided for Alling
  • Germerswang (Germany) district Fürstenfeldbruck
  • Giesenbach (Germany) near Kranzberg, district Freising
  • Glonn (Germany) by Markt Indersdorf, district Dachau
  • Grossenviecht (Germany) near Langenbach, district Freising