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  • Bad Hersfeld (Germany) None
  • Dauernheim (Germany) None
  • Diebach (Germany) None
  • Dienheim (Germany) None
  • Düren (Germany) None
  • Fulda (Germany) None
  • Gonsenheim (Germany) None
  • Gross-Umstadt (Germany) None
  • Hammelburg (Germany) None
  • Herstal (Belgium) None
  • Hünfeld (Germany) None
  • Longlier (Belgium) None
  • Mainz (Germany) None
  • Mainz-Laubenheim (Germany) Editor of DKAR 1:127 suggests location is Nubenheim, settlement near Mainz. German Wikipedia and Mainz-Laubenheim website ( identify Nubenheim as former name of Mainz-Laubenheim.
  • Nahe (river) (Natural Landmark) Left tributary of the Rhine.
  • Obereschenbach (Germany) Editor of DKAR 1:116 identifies location as Obereschenbach and Untereschenbach, villages 2 km apart.
  • Quierzy (France) None
  • Unknown 1644 (Germany) Location of property in DKAR 1:127, said to be "infra Renum". Editor does not attempt to identify.
  • Unknown 1761 (Germany) Location of villa in DKAR 1:140
  • Untererthal (Germany) Editor of DKAR 1:116 identifies as Unerterthal and Obererthal, two villages 2 km apart.