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  • Asti (Italy) None
  • Casaprota (Italy) Location of a farm granted by duke Hildebrand to Farfa in CDL 4a:27. Editor does not attempt to identify. For "Casa Perota" as the modern Casaprota, province of Rieti, see Saracco Previdi (1973), p. 675, n. 383.
  • Farfa (Italy) None
  • Pettino (Italy) Borough of L'Aquila
  • Pistoia (Italy) None
  • Rieti (Italy) None
  • Spoleto (territory) (Medieval Territory) Duchy
  • Unknown 1809 (Italy) Unidentified "locus" in Tuscany, most probably in territory of Pistoia
  • Unknown 2111 (Italy) "Casalis" possibly in Sabina
  • Unknown 2272 (Italy) According to the editor (following Saracco Previdi (1973), p. 668), locality near Rieti, possibly within the area of actual Pratolungo
  • Unknown 2305 (Italy) "Casalis" much possibly located in the territory of Viterbo. "Vicus" in FAR 2:177
  • Unknown 2311 (Italy) Likely in Sabina
  • Unknown 2312 (Italy) Most probably in Sabina
  • Unknown 2381 (Italy) "Casalis", probably located in Sabina
  • Unknown 2656 (Italy) Most probably in Sabina
  • Unknown 809 (Italy) Possibly in territory of Asti, Piedmont
  • Viterbo (Italy) None