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  • Aiterhofen (Germany) district Straubing-Bogen
  • Bergamo (Italy) None
  • Eching (Germany) district Freising
  • Freising (Germany) None
  • Germersberg (Germany) near Alling, district Fürstenfeldbruck; geolocation provided for Alling
  • Holz (Germany) near Dorfen, district Erding
  • Isen (Germany) district Erding
  • Isen (river) (Natural Landmark) tributary of the Inn
  • Oberkienberg (Germany) together with Unterkienberg to Allershausen, district Freising
  • Regensburg (Germany) None
  • Reggio Emilia (Italy) None
  • Rott (river) (Natural Landmark) tributary of the Inn, joining that river near Schärding (Upper Austria)
  • Unknown 2122 (Germany) mentioned in FRE 42, editor suggests two identifications, both in Bavaria
  • Unknown 2210 (Germany) mentioned in FRE 52 as situated on the Würm river in Bavaria; editor of FRE 52 assumes the place to still exist but to have changed its name long ago
  • Unknown 519 (Italy) None