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  • Amiterno (Italy) Old Roman city, disappeared in 10th century, whose settlement approximately coincides with San Vittorino, frazione of the comune of L'Aquila (located in less than 10 kilometres from city-centre).
  • Diessen (Netherlands) None
  • Dingdorf (Germany) district Bitburg-Prüm
  • Haiming (Germany) district Altötting, Upper Bavaria
  • Lessenich (Messdorf) (Germany) near Bonn
  • Machendorf (Germany) near Kirchdorf am Inn, district Rottal-Inn, Lower Bavaria; spelling variants: Mohhundorf, Mohundorf
  • Pranzo di Tenno (Italy) None
  • Rott am Inn (Germany) district Rosenheim
  • Seraincourt (France) None
  • Strasbourg (France) None
  • Unknown 1957 (France) Location of property in DKAR 1:161.
  • Unknown 281 (Italy) Unidentified place, probably in Cremona's territory
  • Unknown 282 (Italy) Unidentified place, probably in Cremona's territory
  • Unknown 380 (Italy) Unidentified "vicus", possibly a little village (today frazione) of Redondesco (province of Mantua)
  • Unknown 381 (Italy) Unidentified "vicus", possibly in the lower course of Tartaro Fabrezza creek (province of Mantua)
  • Unknown 387 (Italy) None
  • Unknown 448 (Italy) "Locus" in Cremona's territory
  • Unknown 449 (Italy) None